1. Do you work only in Chennai or elsewhere in India?
Currently, we work only in Chennai.

2. What is an Ecumenical Organization?
All denominations of Churches have joined together and formed the General Body.

3. I want to Volunteer or Intern, can I do it and stay at MCCSSa�� Accommodation even if I am not a foreigner?
Yes, our guests rooms are for volunteers or interns from abroad and also for locals. Usually our volunteers are from abroad, but we also have local interns from different Indian universities, who may or not stay with us. Visit the Accommodation section for tariff details.

4. If I make a Donation, will it go for the purposes I am donating for?

5. How do I book your Training Centre or guest room?
Kindly contact the reception at 26700744 or 26705486 or email us at mccss@mccss.org

6. May I offer consultation services?
Yes, after getting proper approval from the organization. Please contact the Executive Secretary (mccss@mccss.org).

7. Is there a possibility to do research with the organization?
Yes, please email to mccss@mccss.org a letter from the concerned institution and state the subject and the desired period. Once the research is completed, a copy of the same must be submitted to the organization.

8. What are the target areas? .
Vyasarpadi, Perambur, K.K.Nagar and Mount Road in Chennai.

9. Are donations to MCCSS exempt from income Tax?
Yes. Under 80G and 12A.

10. Is the organization secular in nature?
Yes. We are secular in nature. Though we are a faith-based organization, we work in the hutment areas without distinction of caste, religion and creed.

11. What is the office timing of the organization?
We work from Monday to Friday, 10 am to 5 pm.

1st and 3rd Saturday of each month, from 10 am to 1 pm.
2nd and 4th Saturday and each Sunday are holidays.

12. I am an overseas volunteer. Will you provide a letter for my Visa application?
No, we do not provide it. Tourist Visa is preferable.