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Volunteer and intern in India!

if you are a student or feel passionate about social work and you want to use your time in a meaningful way, then you are more than welcome to volunteer or perform your internship at MCCSS. During this period you may be involved in all our activities, according to your own preferences and needs.

MCCSS has been receiving volunteers from abroad since 2004 and has signed MOU with few Universities and has also hosted many Exchange programs like St. Johna��s University in New York, Appalachion University in USA and ChangJung Christian University in Taiwan. Many students have done mini-research work and even a volunteer, Brenda Backei, has written a book on her experiences with the women at the short-stay home.

Two of our volunteers have started a foundation in USA and are helping our children to study in a matriculation school by sponsoring their education. Two volunteers from Australia received awards for their work at MCCSS.

The job here is infinite! Our volunteers come from all over the world and all different backgrounds and paths. Volunteers are a valuable support to many programs and administrative tasks within MCCSS, contributing their time, talent and energy to help change the lives of children, women, families and communities living in truly unfavourable situations.

As an intern you may get involved in the same activities than volunteers, but we also would like you to make a real contribution by applying your knowledge and specific background, and let this also be an important professional experience for yourself. You can really make a difference here!

If you want to volunteer or intern with us, please fulfil the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

If you want to know the experience that people has already had working with us, please go and read our Testimonies.

While being a volunteer or an intern we prefer you to stay in our guest rooms which is available at a nominal rate. You can check the information available of our Accommodation.
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