Family Counseling Centre (FCC)

The FCC has been functioning for more than 25 years. The services offered at the centre focus mainly on womena��s issues, due to womena��s vulnerable position in society. MCCSS aims to help and empower individuals by assisting them through the legal system, where cases regarding divorce, maintenance, and property disputes are handled.
FCC facilitates a favourable environment for women, men and children to improve their family and home life. The Family Counselling Centre accepts individuals and families dealing with issues ranging from spousal problems, greater family disharmony or parent and child tensions. Counsellors work to find sustainable solutions that satisfy the mental and emotional needs of all individuals or family members involved in the counselling process.

The FCC offers job placements for destitute women, offering housemaid jobs, tailoring jobs in export companies, and office jobs.

Women in distress are provided with temporary shelter when needed. MCCSS also works in collaboration with the police on matters concerning marital problems, dowry harassment, domestic violence and the recovery of the Sreedhana articles.

Main Activities

Individual and Family Counselling
Police Assistance
Legal Assistance
Medical and Psychiatric Assistance
Employment Guidance
Referral Services
Community Counselling

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