Prevention of Human Trafficking

Ujjawala Project a�� Prevention of Human Trafficking

NGOs estimate human trafficking affects between 20 to 65 million people in all India. People are frequently illegally trafficked through India for the purposes of commercial sexual exploitation and forced labour.

The Ujjawala project, is a comprehensive scheme for the prevention, rescue, rehabilitation, and reintegration of trafficked survivors. This project is funded by the Ministry of Women & Child Development, New Delhi.

In our protection home we provide safe shelter, counselling, psycho-social care, vocational training and job placement for nearly 30 survivors of human trafficking.

– To prevent trafficking of women and children for commercial sex trade through awareness programmes/campaigns and creation of IEC materials.
– To facilitate the rescue of victims from places of exploitation and put them in safe custody.
– To accommodate both immediate and long-term rehabilitation services for those rescued by providing shelter, food, clothing, medical treatment, counselling, legal aid and vocational training.

Real-Life Cases (Names changed to protect identity)

Sangavi, Bangladesh. .
22 years old
She came to Bangalore to get married with her lover. There she was betrayed by him and sold to a broker.
She was regularly beaten because of refusing to dance in bars.
She was promised by a woman that she was going to help her to get back to Bangladesh, but she was again betrayed and sold to a brothel in Chennai.
In Chennai she was rescued by the Police when she was 3-month pregnant.
Now she lives in MCCSS and Works as a guard in our Protection Home. Her child is 2 years old now.

Geetha, West Nepal.
25 years old
She ran away and moved to Nepal to live with her cousin, without knowing that he was a commercial sex worker. Without any other alternative for living, she move to Chennai with other women to become a sex-worker.
Years after the Police came and rescued her and the other women. She was placed in MCCSS when she is currently living with her 3-year old son. After rehabilitation, she is now working in a shop close to our Protection Home.

Shalini, Madurai, India.
years old
When she was abandoned by her husband while being pregnant, she had to come back to her parenta��s house where her brothers started abusing her. An old friend offered her help in Chennai and so she came, and was betrayed and sold to a brothel against her will, where she was sexually exploited and forced to do films.
She was caught by a police at a bus stop. After being in a vigilance home, she was placed in MCCSS where she currently lives and works as a cooker. She still struggling against mental problems and trauma because of her past.

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