Integrated Complex of Special Homes forA�Senior Citizens and Destitute Children (ICSH)

The main objective of the ICSH is to ensure that the abandoned elders and children are provided with better quality care and protection in order to reduce their vulnerabilities thereby creating an opportunity to live in a safe environment. We provide with care, protection and rehabilitation services in the Integrated Home to:
– Children in the age group of 5-18 years
– Children of potentially vulnerable families and families at risk
– Children of socially excluded groups, e.g. migrant families
– Children infected and/or affected by HIV/AIDS.
– Orphans
– Elders who have been abandoned by their families

Main Activities .
We provide holistic care to 25 children and 25 senior citizens. Together we encourage them to live as if they were family, in order to develop real connections between each other and make them feel as if they were at home.

Safe Shelter
Medical and Psychiatric care
Folk arts training
Holistic Care
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