Women in Development (WID)

Women in Development is our core program. The primary focus of the WID programme is to promote effective leadership among the women living in the Chennai slums. The programme promotes female leadership in order to achieve gender-equality in Community Based Organizations (CBOs). Increased female participation allows the women to express their views and challenge the exploitation present in their society. MCCSS trains these women in leadership and communication in order to equip them for their pivotal role in transforming their society.

The Women in Development Programme highlights violence against women and creates gender sensitivity in both men and women.

Through self-help groups with 12 to 30 members each, we manage to educate the members on how to facilitate their personal socio-economic development. Currently we are working with 534 groups, in and around Chennai.

Members are encouraged and guided into regular savings and credit schemes so that they become able to operate micro-enterprises for their own economic development.

Main Activities

Strengthing of MNMS
Federation meeting
Training of Trainers
Awareness Program (Domestic Violence)
Capacity Building of
SHG Members

Name of Financing Partner: Protestant Agency for Diakonia and Development for Bread for the World – Protestant Development

Address : Evangelisches Werk fur Diakonie and Entwickilung e.V, Caroline- Michaelis – Strasse1 D-10115 Berlin

Date of Receiving Fund : 23rd Dec 2015

Amount in INR : 40,94,800

Amount in Euro: 58000

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